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Success Stories

I'm so pleased to be able to share some real life positive fertility stories below.


Michelle & David Coombs

In brief, Michelle and David had been trying for a family naturally for five years.
Michelle suffered with Endometriosis and had two lots of surgery to try to remove.
They were lucky to have an amazing 11 eggs collected with 4 viable blastocysts and undertook a mix of IVF/ICSI at fertilisation. 
Unfortunately David and Michelle's first  fresh transfer resulted in a miscarriage at 7 weeks but her second frozen transfer resulted in their MCMA twin girls, Olivia and Charlotte!
What a beautiful family!

Laura Reid and babies.jpg

Laura Reid

Laura and her partner had been trying for a family naturally for over 6 years. when they were diagnosed with unexplained fertility and endometriosis.
Not letting that stop them on their quest to being parents, they undertook seven rounds of fertility treatments in the UK and in Greece, where they were finally successful on round seven.
After a very long and 'biblical' journey they now have two additions to their family, non identical twins Amelia and Zach! What a journey and congratulations!

Andrea & Lee Byrne.jpg

Andrea & Lee Byrne

Andrea, a news broadcaster and her husband Lee, a former Welsh rugby star endured multiple rounds of IVF that unfortunately failed.
The couple gave up hope and soon realised that fertility is not a one fit for all solution. 
As a family they struggled with the journey and found it extremely complex, tiring and realised that of course it came with no guarantees.
However, they had to have the faith and keep believing.
From initially being told she could not carry a child; the couple are now doting parents to their beautiful girl Jemima.
Huge congratulations to the Byrne family!

Success: Projects

Testimonials & Case Studies

Don't take our word for it, hear from some of our fantastic clients.

A lot of our individual clients prefer to keep themselves anonymous and I 100% respect their wishes.

‘I wanted to be able to support my employees even further on any fertility journey that they and their families were considering. Helen created an IVF policy that was fair and supportive for both the business and employees needs with care, ease and consideration for all involved’

Business Client

Andrea Callanan, Director, Inspire Me


'I felt a bit lost and overwhelmed by everything to do with my fertility, Helen was a fantastic support along our journey, she listened and created a simple, no jargon plan with goals that really worked for us, I honestly can't thank her enough'

Personal Client
Cardiff, Wales


'My partner and I were really confused when it came to what we were trying to achieve in terms of our fertility. We thought we had tried everything but it came down to just having another person to support us that had no personal ties to us. Helen & James were just great, so down to earth and real!'

Personal Clients
Birmingham, England

Success: Testimonials

Case Studies

"Where do you see the future of IVF treatment and fertility success?" "Processes will become more automatic, artificial intelligence (AI)  will be delivering lots more in future. The success rate is meant to increase with the perfection of the technique due to the AI’s help" 

Dr Arianna D'Angelo, Cardiff

"Being mentally prepared for everything that happens is really important"

"I think a lot is in the preparation before you start the journey. Having an understanding of how hard it is and exactly what it entails I think would help manage expectations. The impact IVF can have in work, family, relationships etc and trying to decide before you start how far you’re willing to go. Being mentally prepared for everything that happens is really important" 

Do you think there should be more funding available for specific treatments that can potentially aid a woman on their IVF / fertility journey? I.e. Acupuncture, one to one or group support services 
Yes, absolutely. I paid privately for acupuncture and reflexology, as well as counselling.

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