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What to ask at your first fertility appointment?

So, you have been referred, you have waited, you have got your appointment, you are all ready to go, then your mind goes blank!

Firstly, and MOST importantly, I would recommend feeling comfortable and confident with your consultant. There are many clinics and hospitals out there so if you do not feel aligned then try another, this is YOUR journey, and it is important to feel valued.

Break it down into two sections:

The process:

1. How long does the process take?

There are different types of treatment and a one solution does not fit all. However, treatments can change each time, so make sure you get an understanding of all.

2. What does it involve?

Ask all the questions you want here, do not be afraid, there are NO silly questions when it comes to fertility treatment.

3. When can we start?

This will normally depend on your cycle, however, be sure you understand start dates and that you are free in your own calendar, fertility treatment is a dedication.

4. Do I need to do anything specific before, during or after treatment? i.e., lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments?

Depending on the clinic / hospital they may just advise you to relax, now as much as this is great there are lots of things you can still do with any fertility treatment, walking, gentle exercise, (depending on where you are in the treatment cycle) acupuncture, check out my guide on nutrition

5. If treatment is unsuccessful, what are the next steps?

Depending on personal circumstances this will differ, however an alternative protocol or treatment may be necessary or a completely different approach.

The Clinic / Hospital itself:

1. What is the clinic/hospital success rate and for patients like me?

This is important, and specifically for your own age range, you want the nest for your journey!

2. Do you prefer fresh or frozen embryos transfer, ask why?

Again, this will depend if your treatment has been successful, some clinics prefer frozen over fresh, ask why!

3. How is the clinic / hospital dealing with Covid-19, what is your risk rate?

SUPER important now, ensure you get a safe ‘feel’ in the clinic/hospital, not just in the fertility consultation room but an overall view of the clinic / hospital if they are a general site.

4. Is Covid-19 having any impact on your success rate?

Worth asking, especially with cancellations, just so you are not having any surprises if success rates are low

5. Do you recommend performing embryo transfers on the 3rd or 5th day?

Will depend on if treatment is successful, some consults prefer a shorter transfer over a longer, ask why and what effects it may have for you

Remember this is the start of an incredible journey for you, make it count!

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