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If only I had known about fertility coaching before going through my IVF journey.

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One of the reasons I set us this side of my business was to be the support and guidance I didn’t have on my own journey.

Fertility treatments and particularly IVF can come with a lot of stress, dedication, and endless questions. It can also come with fear and loneliness.

I carried myself through my journey, it was lonely at times and I was scared, I’ll admit that.

I was petrified of needles, how will I be able to do IVF I thought, if only I had the techniques that I know now to shift that mindset the whole process would have been SO much easier, so many more positive emotions.

So, what is fertility coaching?

It’s all the support and advice the medical professionals don’t have time to give you. I am here for everything else.

I look at the whole of you, not just the infertility side of you. Are there any barriers that are holding you back? Are you scared? Do you have any fears you need to shift?

I will help with stress management and alleviate this quickly and content free. Yes, that’s right, if you don’t want to pour your heart out to me, you absolutely don’t have to, if you do then that’s fine too!

I’ll be your sounding board for anything you’re unsure of or any decisions you need to make. I’ll be your listener.

I’ll be your emotional guide.

I will remove all the stigma and barriers around infertility you may have.

I’ll offer you nutritional and dietary guidance.

In a nutshell I will supplement the medical guidance and give you the extra mental and emotional support you may need while navigating infertility.

You can learn more here Fertility Coaching | The IVF Essentials

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