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Meet Our Team

The Passion Behind the Business


Helen Corsi-Cadmore

Founder & Director

Hi I'm Helen, the founder and director of The IVF Essentials.

I'm a multi award winning thirty something business woman who after a thriving career in many varied high level businesses decided to put my people passion focused mind to create The IVF Essentials. Something that is very close to my heart. 

I'm a certified Coach and NLP practitioner.

My passion in life is to help others, in particular women and couples struggling to navigate their way through infertility struggles.

I offer guidance, support and advice to individuals starting or going through IVF Fertility treatment, from someone who has been there and experienced the highs and lows of the fertility journey.

I've personally suffered burn out numerous times and have developed coping mechanisms to overcome these which absolutely helped me on our fertility journey. 

I also want employers and business to be prepared for their employees going through the process and for them to be better prepared for all eventualities.

Few interesting facts about me...

I love dogs, good wine, sports, Thai food and fresh air, oh and haribo strawberry sweets!

I'm 6ft tall and have broken my nose more than 4 times...

I am married with identical twin girls after a very tough journey to get them, so I really do understand the fertility journey.

If you haven't read our journey then click here to read a shortened version 


James Cadmore 

Associate Director 

Hi I'm James and the husband of Helen.

I'm extremely passionate about our own incredible fertility journey.

It was a tough time both mentally and physically for us but the sheer determination and mindset changes we made to our lives, really helped us achieve our family.

I want to offer support & guidance from a male perspective as we can often get left behind! 

I'm a qualified NLP practitioner and can help with limiting beliefs, past and present trauma, overcoming negative emotions and so much more. 

I have over 15 years experience utilising communication and leadership within the armed forces, police force and fitness industry. 

Having a career in the military I'm used to being in very stressful situations, and have I have many coping mechanisms that can help you achieve your own goals. 

Interesting little fact about me. I love tea, now I do like a beer but give me a cup of tea any day of the week!


Mrs Arianna D'Angelo


We are thrilled to have Dr D'Angelo on board as an associate member.

Arianna is a consultant in assisted reproduction at Wales Fertility Institute, Cardiff and a Senior Clinical lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Cardiff University.

Dr D'Angelo is a member, reviewer, co-reviewer and translator of the Cochrane Gynaecology and Fertility Group. Her research interests are ultrasound, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, fertility preservation and cancer, recurrent implantation failure, markers of ovarian reserve and ovarian cancer screening.

She is an author of several international publications; speaker at international conferences and peer-reviewer for many journals in the field of reproductive medicine and ultrasound.

You can read some her fantastic work here

Her vast experience in all things reproductive is a welcome addition to the IVF Essentials.

Meet Our Team: Team
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