Consultancy for Employers

If you're looking to support your employees through their fertility journey we can assist you in producing IVF Fertility Policies for employers / IVF policies in the workplace from those that have the experience.

With more people choosing to have children later in life and the traditional idea of family evolving, about 60,000 IVF treatments now take place in the UK every year. 

IVF can be a long and agonising journey, and people often need more support and time off than traditional maternity. As an employer, you must adhere to legislation for pregnancy, maternity and paternity, there’s no obligation to provide paid leave for IVF, but to truly support your employees we can help you look further ahead.

What we will do for you, your business and your employees:

  • We can work with you to develop a thoughtful IVF policy that supports your staff through treatment and is sensitive to their needs.

  • We can offer one to one and group support to your employees and how they can better equipped to cope with the IVF process

  • Offer training, coaching and guidance to all employees at all levels. Helping them understand the processes of fertility treatment and how it affects women and their families.

Our consultancy will help you:

  • understand IVF Fertility treatment and stages, the emotional side of trying to conceive, and the impact this can have on the employee, colleagues and your business

  • assess employee workloads to reduce stress during the conception stage

  • consider counselling or support services and time off for both successful and failed treatment

  • design and implement a fair IVF policy that supports the needs of your staff and business 

  • consider how the policy sits alongside others like pregnancy, sickness and bereavement